Racecar Development

We started motor racing in 1968 and built cars that have won classes at Bathurst 1000 and outright National and State championships.

We could give you a spiel about our knowledge but if we just list the equipment we have for development and testing you will see that we are truly a development house.
Patent on sleeve valve engine design.
We have two cylinder head flow benches. One is a 150HP drive, 1200 CFM, 200+ inch depression which can truly find the choked flow of a particular port.
A cylinder head valve gear testing rig can check for valve bounce and or resonances in the valve train.
A 2 post shaker Jig for suspension resonance testing
Development of race car aerodynamics with a full scale 1/2 size windtunnel with 130kph air speed. This can save heaps of time at the circuit and a complete second 20% windtunnel. Smoke and "viz" for visulization and pressure monitoring including CFD.
TFX cylinder, inlet and exhaust port pressure monitoring for intake and exhaust optimum design.
10kW shocker dyno
3 plane dynamic balancing
NC mill
Vacuum infusion carbon fibre system
Corner weight and alignment system
Chassis and engine dyno including a small GoKart dyno.
ChassisSim suspension software, multipule engine design and test software
Experienced Solidworks capability.
Electronics design and build. ( our own race car dashboard and data acquisition system )
Crankshaft design and torsional analysis