Current Motor Racing

In our latest project our aim was to produce a fast 2 litre NA sports sedan that could match the V8,s. This required good aero dynamics, novel suspension, high specific power and light weight.

For aero dynamics we started with some CFD but ended building a full scale windtunnel and measure the underbody downforce. Then we made large gains with both downforce and reduced drag. Due to the importance of aero design we have purchased a 20% windtunnel to test the whole vehicle.

With increased aero downforce the conventional suspension design was inadequate so we designed radical new concept. We built a dashboard/data aquisition system and logged 80 parameters. We could then "see" the instantaneous suspension forces.

To have high specific power we acquired a TFX system to understand and develop intake and exhaust system. We studied the combustion process by placing pressure sensors in various positions of combustion chamber. By changing the combustion chamber shape and inlet port entry angles the power level rose to over 300HP.

Light weight race car required inteligent of use of carbon fibre and Kevlar and for minimum weight vacuum epoxy infusion.